Moçambicana indùstria Alimentar Group

A Young and Innovative Food and Beverage Group

Founded in 2015 and based in the beautiful and water rich greens off Pemba, in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, MIA Group is a young and innovative company active in the food and beverage business. MIA Group focuses today primarily on the most basic need for every human being: pure water. Managed by a team of exceptional professionals, with over 30 years experience in the management of civil and bottled water plants internationally, MIA Group has developed a state of the art production site immersed in the uncontaminated green hills close to the Metuge village in Cabo Delgado. We adopt the latest ultra filtration reverse osmosis and mineralization technologies, continuous quality testing and the best in class packaging solutions. We believe in product and process innovation introducing for the first time in Mozambique sparkling water and sachet packaging solutions.


Quality and Innovation

Our mission is to produce and distribute the best water and beverages in Mozambique, adopting the highest standards of security, quality and hygiene available on the market. Our aim is to innovate our products in terms of quality, design and packaging becoming a leading water and beverages producer in Mozambique.


Health and Purity at No Compromise

The importance of high quality drinking water is vastly understated. Composing approximately 75 percent of human body, water is found both inside and outside the cells and is the basis of all body fluids including blood, lymph, saliva, digestive juices, and perspiration. Therefore, an unadulterated source of pure drinking water is one of the most fundamentally important things we can do for our health. Pure water mens pure health.

We adopt a three level quality control procedure at our production facility: continuous and real time computerized controls, daily controls from our internal laboratory and finally periodical controls from third party independent laboratories, both national and international. Our state of the art ultra filtration and reverse osmosis plant performs continuously a fully automated real time quality control. Our internal laboratory tests daily the microbiological purity of our water, for your maximum safety and health. Our water is then periodically controlled by Laboratorio Nacional de Higiene de Alimentos e Agua of Mozambique and on top of that also by Ecam Ricert, an independent international laboratory which has over 30 years experience in water and food analysis and is certified UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025.


Mineralized Still and Sparkling Pure Water in PET and Sachet Packagings

Agua MIA is mineralized pure water. Traditionally waters in Mozambique are very poor in minerals and often acid. Agua MIA is a key innovation on the market: additioned with a balanced mix of essential minerals, like calcium, potassium and magnesium, which are needed by our body and mind on a daily basis to keep us healthy and strong, Agua MIA is a healthier and tastier choice for everyone. Agua MIA is available in still and sparkling versions in four packaging formats: 0,5 litre and 1,5 litres in PET and 0,5 litre and 1 litre in sachet packaging.


Innovation and Tradition

We designed the logo and the corporate image of MIA Group and its products interpreting in a modern and contemporary way traditional patterns and themes, creating a symbolic language for our company.

The design has a core element in the red triangle of the MIA logo, which recalls the red triangle on the Mozambican flag, but also the three letters of the MIA acronym. The triangle is a recurring theme among logo, patterns and packaging, while different colours of the pattern represent different products.


Local Community and Environment

We care about the people and the environment we work with. We care about the children and their healthy development through sports and access to water. For that reason we are developing and sponsoring a football team for the children of our community and a public space for kids to play in safety and security. And for the same reason we have also donated a water well to our community. All our workers have access to our pure water, because water is life, because we care.

We will develop more and more social responsibility programs in the future as our business grows, involving our local community in sports, education and health programs.


Moçambicana Indùstria Alimentar Group Limitada
Sede: Praia de Wimbi, Pemba – Moçambique

Local de Produção: Estrada Nacional 243, Vila de Namuapala, Metuge – Moçambique

NUIT 400591598

Phone +258 847589581